So, I really wanted to post a blog about what  I did on Halloween. Unfortunately, I made the HUGE mistake of leaving my camera charger in Chicago at the hotel where we stayed. And of course the camera I own has only option for how to charge. You have to take the battery out of the camera and stick it into the charger and then plug into the wall. So, I was relying on friends to upload their pictures from that night and they never did. 🙁 So, I will just have to tell you what we did…

We carved pumpkins with friends, and passed out candy. This all took place in military housing- so we went through 6 huge bowls of candy because there were literally hundreds of children, it was so crazy!! I made candied apples (s’mores kind and regular), they were of course delicious, I know because I ate half of them! 🙂

And this weekend is my birthday and I am having all of our friends go to this CRAZY Louisiana seafood kitchen where they bring you your food in a bag and you eat it with your hands. It’s probably the messiest meal ever, but SOOOOO fun! It will be very interesting to see some of my girly friends take part in this meal. I am posting a picture from a time before when we went there.

Here we are fully bibbed, so it will be quite fun (I hope) when 15 of our friends are all there this weekend! And yes, I bought a camera charger on ebay, but only time will tell if it will get here in time to take pics of this little extravaganza!