Let me just preface this by saying I am exhausted. In the classroom I am now teaching for the whole day, we have parent teacher conferences this week. I have 3 of the most monstrous final projects due that you can imagine (Dec 1). And we are off for a whole week for Thanksgiving. This would be good, except I am going out of town for 8 days without Jake and the Monday/Wednesday after I get back my projects are due (which means I am supposed to find some time while I’m out of town to finish them all up). Did I mention that I actually need to be interacting with my students predominantly to actually complete the projects? And did I mention that since we have Parent/Teacher Conf. that I don’t have any extra time to work with the students in the day and that I am leaving on Thursday?

Not to mention it was my birthday weekend, so I did absolutely NOTHING related to my projects on Sunday. I was really good on Saturday and did homework for like 5+ hours. Now, I just need to have a few more of those days and maybe I’ll catch up. We’ll see how well I fit in all those homework hours on my vacation.

However, on a sweeter note. I went out Friday night for my birthday (after doing several hours of homework before we left, see I’m trying to be good) 🙂 and we went to the place I posted about in my last post.
We really had such a fun time!!! Here are just a few pics. I don’t have time to post more.

They gave me this embarrassing hat to wear for like half our meal and of course keep. This was my “crabby birthday”.