So, this is the story of my new children (aka kitties). So, 2 weeks ago Jake was on duty and saw on our local (THINK super cheesy news station) a bit about adopting cats. They have this portion everyday where they bring on pets to adopt. Typically Jake and I would not watch this cheesy news channel, but they only get like 3 stations at work. So, anyway they have this cat named Dallas on the show and Jake decides he has to have this cat. It’s a 10 month on old Tabby and it has a “twin” brother named Phoenix who looks just like him, but isn’t on the show. I really don’t know what got into him, but he became obsessed and tells me HAS to adopt him. So, he of course calls the news station and they don’t know what cat he’s talking about. He makes AT LEAST 15 phone calls trying to find this cat, and because the cat is living with it’s foster mom, Dallas is for some reason hard to find, but Jake tracks him down.

He then convinces me that we need 2 twin tabby brothers, so we go to meet them. And they are the HUGEST 10 month old cats I’ve ever seen, with those scary HUGE bushy tails and they are NOT friendly. One of them will not even let me hold him the entire hour and half we are there. He is skiddish and runs, they of course go on and on about how sweet and cuddly they are (granted the woman is fostering/owning 14 cats in her house), so how she has time to cuddle them all I am unsure of, but regardless they are supposedly so sweet, to everyone but me. I’m like, “baby no” I am not getting two monstrously huge, fluffy long haired cats that don’t like me. But at this point Jake is totally set on rescuing a cat, and I tell him I can be convinced if it’s a kitty.
So, we go to this cat rescue thing a few days later, and within 2 minutes Jake spots an adorable SPAZ kitty, named Charlie. He’s so cute and a little bit cross-eyed I concur that we need him. So, we tell the people we want him and they respond by telling us we can’t adopt a kitty under 6 months without adopting another cat. So, we then proceed to look for another cat. We come across Emily, a beautiful Siamese looking kitty with blue eyes. We are just about to leave with them when they are doing a last minute check on the kitties. Well, apparently Emily had been spay last week and her stupid foster mom hadn’t kept the cone on her, and now her wound was infected. So, as we are leaving they mentioned (post-adoption of course) that we need to go right to the vet, and the vet is super mad that they let us adopt her like that. The vet takes the stiches out, gives us some meds, a cone (e-collar) and sends us on our way. I FORGOT TO MENTION in this whole mix, that Jake was supposed to leave for work to San Francisco like an hour after we leave the vet. Of course he wants to adopt and then leave me with all the work. Luckily, the trip gets postponed til the morning. So, we go back home are getting settled, it’s a crazy day, the end. Right???

Wrong, Emily has diarrhea all night and we have to take her to the emergency vet the next morn at like 7 am. Jake leaves and now leaves me with the real dirty work.
Poor Emily has to stay overnight at the vet, and of course hates me when I pick her up the next day. And hates me even more when I have to administer 3 types of oral medication TWICE A DAY. Oh and I forgot to mention she hates Charlie too and won’t stop hissing at him, since we got home…
Well, 2 days later I’m happy to say. Emily and Charlie are now friends, I’m exhausted because I’ve had 12 hour school days, and cats are nocturnal animals. 🙂 And while Emily still hates me when I give her the meds, she purrs nicely if I give her treats afterwards and pet her for extended periods of time. While all this was happening with Emily—- Charlie whom I’ve affectionately renamed Charles Winston Stall the third (though I call him Charlie) 🙂 has been doing one of two things. Running like a psycho back and forth across our apartment or sleeping. He’s easy to please.
Oh and I forgot to mention I’ve found random throw up 3 times already. Welcome to single motherhood, right??? I can’t wait till Jake gets home. Then he’s on throw up duty.
I’m attaching 2 pictures. I have some AWESOME ones on my camera, but since I’m too lazy to upload them, I emailed myself some from my phone. I know they’re second rate, I’ll post the real ones and all the other photos I keep talking about soon.

with love, from Charlie and Emily