Two days left people. That’s right I said it, I only have two days left and I have my credential. It’s rather bittersweet because not only do I have to say goodbye to my kids, but I also have to find a job. This will be the hard part considering my district is not even hiring. However, on the sweet side I will be a credentialed teacher and I get an ice cream party on my last day!!
I wish I could post some pics of my little kiddos, but it’s not really proper protocol to put pictures of your students on your personal blog. So, you’ll just have to trust me, they’re cute.
Tonight was Open House and it was so FUN. The school I was at goes ALL out. The fourth graders had 3 feet cakes puzzled together in the shape of California. Each student had made a section and then decorated it for the area it represents. Another teacher had the students create paper stuffed versions of themselves, with the students real clothes sitting in the desk stuffed with paper. So cute. I wanted to get a picture, but I missed it.

I will also soon post some pictures. My in-laws have been visiting SD for the last two months and we have done some really fun stuff. So look for pictures to come! I’m just lazy and that’s why you haven’t yet seen them.

XOXO P.S. Cry a tear for Danny Gokey, I should have voted!