Double the Fun

As if becoming an aunt once in one week wasn’t enough. I actually became one twice. My cousin and sister-in-law Brooke had her little boy Aiden David on Saturday afternoon and he is just adorably sweet!The man of the hour!

Best Deal Ever

Have you guys ever heard of this company E.L.F ( makeup? Well I just did for the first time, and according to reviews etc, they sell upscale makeup for about a $1 a piece. That’s right I said $1. I just got 13 items for $18 plus shipping and...

Sibling Love

And speaking of sibling love, my little nephew Christian got a new little sibling as well yesterday. Welcome to the world Logan Gabriel!

Experimental Baking

Many know that I love to bake, but I also did not any way grow up with a mother who had this love. I think the first pie we ever had at Thanksgiving, I made and I am not joking. We often went somewhere else for holidays, it just wasn’t my moms idea of fun. So,...