Have you guys ever heard of this company E.L.F (eyeslipsface.com) makeup? Well I just did for the first time, and according to reviews etc, they sell upscale makeup for about a $1 a piece. That’s right I said $1. I just got 13 items for $18 plus shipping and some free entire mini makeup package. I got blushes, cream blushes, nail polish, lipgloss with spf, brushes, bronzers. It seems like a serious steal, I’ll have to let you know how everything turns out.

So, I got the stuff in the mail and while stuff was a little smaller than most normal sized products, I would definitely say the stuff is not bad for $1 each. The lipstick doesn’t stay on super long, but I love the all over face color- I use it as a cream blush, which are hard to come by and of course painted my toes right away, and they look great! The brushes are really nice too, definitely worth $1.

All the stuff I got for 18 bucks