I must confess, these adorable Pocky Stick cupcake toppers are a showstopper! You can let your friends think you spent all day making them, but I’m going to show you how to make them in a snap! Unbelievably, they only require TWO ingredients! This treat falls into my, “Wants to be a Pinterest mom, but buys cupcakes from the grocery store category!” If this is you, these cupcake toppers are gonna be super fun and will boost everyone’s holiday spirit. You get to decide to go super simple, or add fancy tree decor. But no matter what, these will spice up ANY cupcake and are a great idea for the busy weeks before Christmas.

What you’ll need for your Pocky Cupcake Toppers:

Parchment Paper
Sandwich Baggie
Dark Green Candy Wafer Melts
Chocolate Pocky Sticks

Assembling your Pocky Stick cupcake toppers:

Lay out parchment paper and place Pocky sticks several inches apart so you will have room to create each tree. I didn’t want the trees to be too tall so I cut the sticks down by almost half. Leave the bare end of the Pocky Stick as the lower part of the tree trunk. In a microwave safe bowl, pour the candy melts and heat in 30 second intervals, stirring until smooth. Carefully, scoop melted candy into a sandwich baggie, then cut a tiny hole in one corner. Next, while squeezing the melted candy, move the baggie side to side in a squiggle pattern to create the shape of a tree. There is no perfect tree, and you will get better as you go. Be as creative as you like, by adding stars, snowflakes or sprinkles, but seriously, even without extras, these Pocky cupcake toppers are simply adorable.

Mine dried almost immediately. Now, pop the hardened tree off the parchment paper and place into your cupcakes. Now get ready for the “Oohs and Ahhs” when you walk in the door with these nifty Christmas Cupcakes! You can use these same steps to create squiggly Santa hats using red candy and white decor!

Pocky Stick Cupcake Topper
Adorable Pocky Stick Cupcake Toppers with Snowflake Decor

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