So, here’s one photo from our little shoot. I’ll have to admit while I love the photos from Paige Newton Photography. I don’t like me in them. This happens to me every fall/winter. My hair becomes blan and my skin becomes scary white and it just doesn’t look good on me (not to mention my exceptionally round face). You may be thinking this photo doesn’t reveal that, but that’s because I attempted to choose the only one that I didn’t look that way in. But seriously, I’m kind of concerned about the fact that I don’t like the way I look 6 months out of the year (particularly the non-summer months where I turn white and pastey.) I’m like, should I dye my hair red? Will this make me look beautifully creamy white (like all the hot red heads on television) instead of pastey pale?? Probably not, but the thought has crossed my own mind.