I love how easily things can transform from mess and dishes

And some ingredients in a bowl

To Perfection
(Props to my sis in-law Rebecca for finding this specific recipe of perfection.

The jewelry/goodbye party went great. As you can see from the pics, we played some serious dress up. Which is fun because these things happen less in your adulthood. 🙂

And actually, I didn’t know this at first, but if any of my blogger friends are interested in ordering a piece from this fabulous collection, you actually can and it can still go to my party til Friday. So, if any of you are interested take a peek at
Then in the right corner, there is a spot to find your hostess, you input my name and your order goes to my party. There is some cute stuff, so check it out!
Actually it was interesting, cause my friend Ann kept having me try on different pieces, some that I never would have picked out myself and now they have been added to my wishlist, cause they were so amazing.

The one thing this party did that I did not like, was it forced me into the realization that the end is near. I will have to say goodbye to all my friends. I knew this, from the beginning, but the truth still hurts.
For now! XOXO