Oh my goodness…cinnamon bun sugar cookies. I took this recipe from Jenny at the Picky Palate. She makes up all her own recipes, which I just find amazing, because while I love to cook and bake, I’m not much of one to create.
Anyway, this was sitting on my “make soon list” for like 3 months, but I kept putting it off, cause it seemed a little bit labor intensive. And I will say after making, I still kind of agree with my original thought, but I made it MUCH easier by making the dough from scratch the first day and letting it sit and then coming back and making the buns the second day.

Beware this recipe makes 72 cookies, I still have my second “disc” in the fridge, but I’m planning to make more in a few  weeks. Jake and I both took them to work, they were so good, but I was afraid of butter overload. ( And that was after I altered the recipe and used less.) Anyway, with the full butter load or not, make these soon!!!