So, what do you think of this lovely color by Martha Stewart, Araucana Teal? I know it’s bright, but I love it. I love it so much, that I painted a whole room in it.

I forgot to take a true before pic. This room was peach. But here it is with one coat of primer and some painter’s tape….

And here it is with two coats of turquoise. I was half loving it/ half freaking out because it was so bold.

It actually sat in this stage for like 1 month without a mattress or anything.

So, I was thrilled to finally see it in it’s completion (or near completion). I feel like all the white and grey and yellow, totally suit the walls and bring it to a much calmer place. I also feel like it looks better in person too. The color seems a little off with my camera.

And of course here’s my Emmy jumping in the photo. Love that natural light?

Do you have any crazy colors your feeling right now??
P.S. After seeing the photos on my blog with the turquoise background. I’m chuckling. It definitely feels like a lot of color… tempted to change my background. Hehe