Last week I had the pleasure of having a Christmas party for all the volunteers at my job. Anyone that knows me, knows I love to throw a party and so we did. We asked everyone to bring treats (myself included) and the first thing that came to my mind was the chocolate covered pretzel rods I made for my birthday. I got SOO many comments about them, and I just knew they’d be a great treat. So, today I am showing everyone else how to make these fun creations. I will say having made them twice now, that they are easy to make, but also very time consuming if you prepare them alone, last time I had help from my friend Brandi, that was the way to go.

All my ingredients are pictured below. You will need:
Pretzel Rods
Caramel Bits
Melting Chocolate ( I used dark and white)
Sprinkles for Decorating

First prep an area to lay your rods. I used wax paper and sprayed with cooking spray, the first time I did not spray and the caramel stuck to the paper. Not fun. Once you’re all ready melt your caramel

Dip your rods into the caramel as far as you can, leaving just a little stem, Let the excess drip off.

Lay them out beautifully for all to see (and of course dry).

After the caramel is firm, dip your rod into chocolate. Pictured here I used white chocolate Wilton melts, but I also did a tray of dark chocolate too.

After you have dipped in chocolate and scraped off the excess, roll in a tray of sprinkles to cover, you can also sprinkle them on, this just takes longer.

And here is the pretty finished product. Last time I had them, I thought I liked the white chocolate better, but this time dark chocolate definitely won.

Crowd pleaser for sure!