I know last time I left you hanging, but it’s more fun that way sometimes. So, as I said we’ve painted our nursery. We actually had a few colors picked out and then last minute I changed my mind and decided I wanted to go lighter and I’m so glad I did, cause I think the color we picked out is dark enough.

I have on more than one occasion painted an entire room and then repainted, so I’ve learned the hard way to just by the $2.33 paint sample in the color you want and try it first. So, we did and I loved it.
But before we could even go back to the store to buy the whole gallon, I was inspired by something I had seen before on the Young House Love blog. A painted ceiling, you can see my inspiration here. I had obviously seen it many times in their photos, but until I was doing my own never really considered it. However, just thinking about my little guy staring up at the ceiling all the time, it seemed like a fabulous idea. And here it is…

I didn’t actually test try the blue (Cool Jazz-Behr Ultra), it was so light on the can, but a little darker in person, but it’s totally grown on me. And then of course, if you cheated and looked at the walls, you can see my test spots and you know we went with yellow (banana cream- Behr Ultra). So, here the whole she-bang.

These weren’t taken with the greatest light, so I’ll have to catch some more pics later, but that’s where we are… a super fun, light and airy place. The crib is of course brown, so it’s sets off these colors great, and I will post more pics of that very soon.