As soon as Jake and I moved in we knew we wanted to change the backyard to include a concrete slab. We both love to be outside in the summer, sit on the patio and of course grill, and it’s just really hard to do all that in grass. So, after much debate as to whether we should Do It Ourselves or hire out, we hired out, because on this project the cost was only a little more, and the labor was obviously WAY easier.

Here is the before

And here is the after- soon a little firepit will be out there too (but shh don’t tell cause it’s Jake’s “father’s day present”)

Look how much greener the grass is… that’s all Jake, he’s obsessed. 🙂

Early this spring we also planted some rose bush bulbs in the backyard. We did this because I LOVE roses and the ground is really acidic here, so they actually grow quite well. Three of the bushes have taken and one is still sitting angry and lonely (aka near dead). However, one of the bushes actually gave a full on huge bloom this last week (sadly, I didn’t catch a photo of it). However, it was really cool for the first season of planting, cause they say you don’t normally get blooms. I can’t wait til next spring for some real blossoms.