Jake and I have wanted to go camping as long as we’ve been in Jersey, but you really have to go between like May and September for the weather to be appropriate. Obviously last year we were barely getting settled in and this year I’m pregnant. However, I told Jake, “let’s just do it…this weekend” cause I know I have a really busy summer until like August, and well then I may look and feel like a beached whale, so strike while the iron is hot….

So, we started calling around, found the only campsite that would take us for only one night (me working on the weekends crowds into the timing too) and booked it.
The place we camped was really nice, aside from sleeping in a tent, I wouldn’t exactly say we roughed it. We have enough nice camping gear to cook and do what we want, and this place had bathrooms a jaunt away. Then down the street they had the coolest little shops, the whole place kind of looked like elf cottages, so we did that and one of my friends met up with us too.

Our little tent home

Aside from waking up to “squat pee” approximately 5 times that night- it was a nice little getaway.
Please excuse my frizzy hair, I had a hard time justifying getting “ready” to go camping, but later when I saw the camera I remembered why Southern girls are supposed to always have their “face on”.

My other second home. 🙂

Elf Village

S’mores-ing it up. Half the reason I go camping.

The reason I might possibly look like a beached whale in August. Roasted marshmallows.
Since I gave Jake a firepit for Father’s Day, I’ve made them at home too.
Tsk,tsk I know.