Today, I am featuring a nursery piece. I knew all along I wanted a short chest of drawers dresser to act as my changing table and also just a statement piece in the room. I had an idea in my mind of the style and knew I was unlikely to find it in a store. So, we of course went to Craig’s List. After searching for a few weeks, I finally found one that wasn’t already claimed and drove immediately to get it. CraigsList is less popular in this area, so it takes longer to find a good find, and I thought this was pretty good at $90. The only hangup it was painted a hideous lavender flat paint color (in what looked like several coats).

*** WE DID NOT TAKE A BEFORE PICTURE, I don’t know how we missed it, but here was another piece they “threw in” to the sale, and it was the same color. So, you get an idea.

Here is the full piece without drawers, it had actually taken weeks of work to get to this stage. The paint had several coats of lavender, then white or prime, under that part of it had red. So, Jake actually used an all natural paint melter– it wasn’t a stripper, just something that softened the paint, so you could sand and pull it off. Jake had to sand for weeks because of all of the crevices.

The drawers all had multiples holes and needed lots of puttying and mending after sanding.

And there it is in the nursery all baby blue, glossed and smooth, it looks pretty good.

I just wish I had a before pic, (I even went back and tried to find the CraigsList ad, lol)

Got these knobs at BRU on clearance, there was only one pack, the woman there helped me round up 2 more packs from other stores. She went to soo much trouble for me. So appreciate her.

And a little closer up

So, that’s my feature this Friday. Much more to show from the nursery. Do you have anything you’re working on?