So, I know I’m terribly untimely at these posts. But it’s harder than you think to remember to take a picture within a specific week, (since I have to look half decent and Jake has to be home to snap the shot)– and then upload the picture within that week and then post the picture within that week. However, I digress… this is me in all my pregnant glory. Somewhat sarcastically said. 🙂

Honestly, I still feel great and I know I look pretty good, but this belly is really something, much rounder from last month it’s no joke

(Take a look)

… and I still have possibly 3 or more weeks to go, so we will just have to see how all this all turns out.

I am very excited, but I can’t say that I am ready to be a mother either (in my heart yes, but not in the actual present). 🙂 I am completely happy with this little booger just cookin’ a way in there. He and I have spoken he knows he’s not allowed to celebrate his birthday til at least September 11th and he agreed.

Isn’t he sweet? I thought so too. 🙂

For now….