Keaton this month you are funny- They say newborns don’t always have a lot of personality, but I think you for sure do. Here are some of the reasons why:

-You will only take your pacifier if you can hold it in by sucking or with your own hand, if I put my finger in there- it’s a sure sign you won’t take it.

– You make more faces than any baby I’ve ever seen. You made like 30 faces in one minute after you woke up from your nap yesterday. Your favorite face however is still the scowl.

-Anytime you are going down for a nap, for the first 5 minutes or so, you literally sleep with one eye open (you don’t want to miss anything)– until you get so sleepy it closes.

-Every morning when you wake up, you want to sit up and look around. You’re only 5 weeks old, but I started putting you in your Bumbo, because I’m too tired to hold you in the sitting position.

-You show lots of love to mommy, if you’re upset and dad puts you in the ERGO to soothe you- you cry, if I put you in it and hold you close you quiet right down. hehe

– You do a funny throat clearing thing ALL the time.

-And you like to sleep at night, from the time you were 2 weeks old you would sleep 6 or 7 hours nurse and go right back down for another round. Now the day is a different story, apparently in the day you are constantly starving, but at night you like to sleep (that’s my boy!)

Look at those legs- long like daddy!

This is such a “Keaton” face with raised eyebrows. Pretty soon your nickname will be “brows”