Keaton at 2 months you have changed so much.
You don’t make as many faces as you used to, but you smile all the time, so that makes up for it. Getting a picture of your smile is slightly more difficult. 🙂

You have gotten so big, you finally started getting a few rolls around your skinny little legs (little rolls, but they’re there).

You have always been a good sleeper, but alot of nights you’ll sleep from 7-4 or 5 and mommy loves this!!

You are still a grunter, but you have become much more relaxed. Mommy totes you around everywhere and you just chill and go with it.

You do cry sometimes, but mostly only when you’re hungry, if it’s dark in the car or really close to your bedtime. One funny time you cry is if I am feeding you and take the boobie away and wait a minute- you’ll wail out very loud- as if to say, “how dare you do that to me?”

You do like to be held, but you also really like to hang out on your play gym OR your swing.

Every night before bed we listen to music, if you are upset and I put music on- you start kicking your legs all around and flapping your arms a bit, mommy thinks it’s very cute.

You having been cooing for a bit, but the last week or so, you’ve started a few little squeals too, they aren’t very loud now, so I find them endearing, but I’m sure that will change.

You still have the most sensitive skin in the world… everyone talks about babies being soft and smooth, but not you- you’re a scaly little fella. I look forward to all the winter dryness passing (though this won’t happen anytime soon).

You still like to give people the brows and I definitely like this about you!

You love to stare at your mommy and I love to stare back at you!

“Mom, I’m already too long for this dumb basket”

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