p.s. mom, this is a sticker and I figured out how to pull it off, haha.

Mom says, my cheeks are chubby!!

-You scratch like a madman– this is due to your very unsightly and annoying eczema– which is agitated more by some things in my diet, but it doesn’t bother your tummy, so usually I just let you scratch. I think you’re also just fascinated by the fact that you can touch yourself. 🙂

-You discovered blowing spit bubbles

-You can sit up without being a bobblehead in your bumbo… And you can tripod sit unassisted for a few moments.

-You are OBSESSED with standing, and you even stood by yourself leaning on something your height, but it doesn’t last long.

-You started teething 🙁

-You had your first bouts of separation anxiety (3 different X’s- Oh my).

-You giggle your little heart out

-You have been saying the sound mama for about a month, but unfortunately now I think you figured out it, when you say you get my attention… Because you only say when you I set you down, or you are upset. Dada is getting thrown around all the time too, but mostly just for play.

-I started putting you to sleep awake this month, I haven’t done “cry it out” during the night, but for naps and bedtime- I started making you, and you figured it out SOOO quick with barely any crying. It’s helped SOO much with your napping, and now you go right to sleep with your new sleep association and best friend “sleepy pup”. Sleep associations are genius!

-And of course you save your best smiles for mama.

** I know this post is late, but you’re still 4 months, so I just made it.