Keaton is…..

I know Keaton is actually well beyond 7 months now, but I made a post and somehow on accident it didn’t save (even though google has autosave), and I was so sad that I didn’t replace it for a bit. Those thoughts and words can never be said again, so it took me a little time to get over it. But, without further ado

At 7 months…
-You still love to eat, seriously our grocery bill has increased this last month. You eat like a person, not a baby.

– You got a top tooth.

– You figured out your little pincer grasp. You had figured out a modified version for slimy foods, and when I finally gave you gluten free cheerios for the first time, it didn’t work cause they were dry. So, now you have 2 little maneuvers to feed yourself. I love seeing your little brain at work.

-You are getting more mobile. You’ve discovered rolling multiple times can get you where you want to be better than crawling, which just frustrates you. But you’re getting close, I’m actually dreading the day, cause for now I can set you down and leave the room. But the next phase will be fun too.

– You are a great sitter now. I left you for like 15+ minutes sitting in your room yesterday while I was getting ready, and I kept peaking in thinking you might topple over, but you were just playing, and it was so cute.

– You are such a happy baby (unless you’re hungry or sleepy), you just love to play and laugh.

-I was playing a disappearing game with you while you were in your high chair, and you were literally bending over backwards to see where I’d gone. You knew I was still down there, (you’ve figured me out). :O

-We had a little “biting” fiasco with mommy for a few weeks, but we are mostly past it now- thank God.

-Your skin is so much better! We have so much more knowledge to control it, and most days you look great, but I know the eczema is still there, cause you still scratch and scratch- even though I can’t see any rash. We have to give you benadryl. 🙁

– You love to be read to, you love random objects (and putting them in your mouth, the more random the better), you loving running errands, you love your pacifier and sleepy pup, and of course you love mom and dad.

Right now you’re just my little buddy, my partner in crime, we just look at each and smile like we have a secret between us, but we don’t it’s just love and I like it!

What really happens at photo session…
Woops fell over Mom

Back up again, all good

10 seconds later… Not so good again Mom.

…babies, I tell ya.

See 6 months?