You are becoming quite the firecracker. You are simultaneously stinker and stud. One moment driving me near mad and the next stealing my heart. Where to begin

– You have now made it up the stairs, and I just want to know WHY? Oh Why?

– You have thrown several bonafide temper tantrums, most notably about wanting to play with the cat’s food (can we say back arching, anyone?).

-You can imitate TONS and I mean TONS of sounds that you hear me say. Just today, while putting you in the car, I said man it’s hot. And you repeated hot like 3 times. If that doesn’t get you to check your words, I don’t know what will. You currently say with meaning, mama, dada, kitty, “cheese” for pictures, hi, and bye bye (if you feel like it).

– You haven’t stopped loving food, but I’ve noticed you throwing less desireable options on the floor recently. ie. brussel sprouts

-You got a 1 year molar, and you have 8 teeth. (Can we say clingy baby at times?)

-You literally do the happy dance when it’s time to eat the foods you DO like.

– You have mad iphone skills, you know how to make the animals sing and talk just by pressing on their little faces.

– You are so interested in birds in the sky and every single noise or thing that flies by.

– You still LOVE to read books. I could probably read you 10 books before you might lose attention. You love to look at the pages.

-We are getting close to weaning before we go to Italy next month. You only nurse once a day. 🙁 Mixed emotions, happy and sad. Post note: You self weaned last week. 🙁

– All you want to do is STAND all the time. You honestly could almost care less about crawling. The only thing you like about crawling is that it gets you to the next location where you want to stand. Stand at the couch, at the toy box, at the chairs, in your bed (oh yes this has changed naptime a bit).

-However, on the flipside, you’ve figured out the cutest little way to plop on your butt when you want to sit down.

-You tried dairy yogurt for the first time, and you were covered in red welts around your mouth within 1 minute. (I guess we’ll be holding off the dairy train for a while longer.)

Keaton, it seems everything revolves around you, and while I won’t lie I sometimes miss my old life a bit (free time, sleep and quality time with my husband are things of the past). You have made our house and hearts so full, they just burst with joy and love. I think how I carried you for 10 months, and now I’ve known you for 10 months. In that short time, you’ve changed so much. But I reflect back and it is good!

Take that buddy.