Jake told me today, “I’m glad that party is over”. I said, “why” and he said, “because that was way too much work”. I laughed because of course he didn’t even do any of the work (except maybe watch K part of the day OF the shower). But for me, it’s work that I love. Being creative, juices flowing…
This specific baby shower (the girls that hosted) modeled ours after some things I had seen online. I love doing that, because the one I used as inspiration was of course thrown by a party planner.
I love trying to do every detail from scratch, on a tiny $, using my Michaels 40% off coupon every time I shop.
So without further ado, here it is for my bf here in Dirty Jersey.
“Ribbons and Bows, Tutus and Pearls: Brandi is having a Baby Girl”

So excited for that girl to come!