Ok, so K is the type of kid that when he loves something everyone knows it. So, if you’ve been around him since he could talk, you know he’s been into buttons, birds and trucks. How do you know this? Because he talks about them ALL day long.
But now that he is a little older, he’s moved onto to slightly more mature objects of obsession. Namely two.
Marshmallows and the iPad. (I know he sounds like a teenager).
Since, he still has alot of allergies, a couple of times we gave him a “FEW” marshmallows when we were having some sort of treat. Literally, after like 3 times of this, he started asking for “markas”, once we figured out what he was asking for “marshmallows” it became an all day, every day thing.
I’m not even lying on more than one occasion when I’ve gone into his room in the morning, the first thing he has said is “marca?” well if that’s not enough… he can clear as day say the word “iPad”. Since he was a small infant, I have used my iPhone as a distraction, but around when he turned one and we went to Ialy, we started sometimes using the iPad as a means for educational games, etc.
Well, now two things have happened— Keaton has come to believe that the iPad belongs to him, and two, my husband has started taking it to work everyday.

So, when Keaton and I are home alone in the day. We have conversations like this.
K: “mama, marca?”
Me: “No, baby we aren’t having any marshmallows, maybe after dinner, but not right now.”
K: “iPad?”
Me: “Daddy took the iPad to work, so it’s not here right now, all gone.”
K: “Dada, dada, (laughing), iPad”
Me: “Yes, Daddy has the iPad.”
K: “marca, nack? nack? marcas?”
Me: “Yes, we can have a snack, no it cannot be marshmallows.”

My favorite apps for toddlers

And then repeat. So, in honor of ONE of my child’s loves. Here is my list of favorite toddler apps

1. Laugh and Learn Learning Letter Monkey App (iPhone only)
-Fisher Price Baby Apps many are free and I’ve been using some of them since he was 6 months old or less.

2. Fisher Price Animal Sounds for Baby (iPhone/iPad)

3. Fisher Price Where’s Puppy’s Nose for Baby (iPhone/iPad)

4. Peekaboo Barn- Night and Day Studios (iPhone/iPad)
This costs $2 but in my opinion it’s been WELL worth it.

5. Peekaboo Wild– Night and Day Studios (iPhone/ not sized exactly for iPad)
This also costs $2, but it’s so cute when Keaton says ‘hi-enah’

6. Loud Crow Interactive the entire Boynton Book Series (iPhone/iPad)
When we first purchased a few of these they were on sale for $2 my usual app limit, but usually they are $4, but I’ve actually gone back and bought two more books at that price, because these apps are SOOOOO amazing. If your kids likes the Boynton Books, these are must by. Splurge for a holiday or something, they are crazily interactive and we have the whole series. SO GOOD.

7. The Wheels on the Bus – Duck, Duck Moose (iPhone/iPad)
This app is $1 and it’s pretty good. This series has a lot of apps, but compared to the Loud Crow Interactive series, I wouldn’t pay more than the .99. However, toddlers love annoying songs, so it still works.

8. Animal Phone
This app is free, Keaton isn’t especially fond of the gorilla, but he loves the animal noises on the keypad. Loves them! Not bad for free.

We have many more apps, I’m sure you do too, but these are some of are favs!