So on a whim I took some maternity photos last week. Literally I got home at 7 pm, and told my husband, “hurry change your shirt, I want to take maternity pictures before the sun goes down.” And he went with it! I have a good husband. What can I say? So, on that whim a few actually turned out really cool. I will say, I kind of wish my outfit was different. I wish I’d touched up my desperately needing roots. And I wish I hadn’t waited til 37 weeks pregnant, but I am glad we took photos and commemorated this time. We’re on our second kid, and he’s not getting TOTALLY neglected with picture taking. Off to a good start (kind of…).
So, enjoy and thanks for being a good sport honey!!!

If you’re looking for the K-man. He wasn’t exactly thrilled with my post dinner plan. So, he’s only in a few.