So something traumatic happened 3 weeks ago. So, traumatic I couldn’t even blog about it.
My baby. My “first” baby turned two. And honestly, even in these last 3 weeks, he’s becoming less and less of a baby all the time. And I’m so happy to know him and see who he will be. But my little heart breaks that he’s growing so fast. We had the pleasure to have Jake’s parents near for 2 months, and so many times while being around his mom, I thought to myself, does she ever still think of Jake as her baby? Her “first” baby. When do we let go?
I don’t know what it is about your first, but it’s hard to let go.  But enough about me. Let’s talk about him.

At two.
You are fabulous. Full of life and personality. Oh the personality.
You have a huge vocabulary, I don’t know what’s normal, but you’re beyond whatever that is. In this way, I see myself in you, and I like it. But some of the things you say our just too darn funny. My favorite frequent quotes are, “I know” and “OK” as the answer for yes.
Used like this, “Keaton did you see that the sky is blue? ” I know.” (Ha) OR
Keaton is your favorite dessert marshmallows? OK. I know. :0
This has been recently followed by, “I don’t like it.”
Today in the car: “Mommy, I don’t like to take nap.” My reply: Umm, yes you do!
” I don’t like this noodles ” My reply: It’s spaghetti, what 2 year old doesn’t like spaghetti?
And everyone’s favorite, “You come wif me” as he takes your hand to play.

                                                                      Being silly!

You are all boy. A wild man. You are a bully. You literally just walk up to kids you don’t know (if you feel threatened, I guess?) and hit them in the face.  BUT You are such a good big brother, smothering Beckham with love. Kissing him all day long and body slamming him at your whim and pleasure.
You are too smart. (And you know it, when we talk about this, in front of you, you love it. Your ears perk up). But seriously, you can count to 10 (and you actually get what counting means). Identify all the letters of the alphabet that are capitals. Some of the letters in lower case. You know all your colors (more than the 8 basic primary ones).  You can identify a zillion animals and know all their sounds. You love to sing (this is kind of new). But you walk around all the time, “singing” little parts of songs that you know. Old MacDonald is still your fav, you are a sucker for farm animals.

                                                  He has one long hair. See it? I love it!

You are still a great eater, a great sleeper, and you are becoming a pretty good lover too, (wildly protective) of those you care about. I see a strong leader in you, but I also see someone that possess’ great empathy. We talk about what you’ll be when you grow up. So far the options we’ve settled on are veterinarian, worship pastor, leader of a great revolution or farmer. You still like farmer, I’m not sure why. 🙂 You are two going on 10, but for now you love me and you take naps. So everything is good in my world!

Seen here taking the photo prop box and walking away. My little man!
My little K. My boy.

                                And the truest photo of all. Every photo shoot has some tears.