If you’re still looking for Patriotic outfit ideas in 2022. I’ve rounded up some of my favs at Target right here!

Coordinating Patriotic Outfits

I’m not sure if you’re like me, but nothing makes me happier than a coordinating family walking out of the house.

When my boys were a little younger, I lived for this. I mostly let them dress themselves now and even pick out their clothes. So, some of my matching dreams have died off, but a holiday is still the last sliver of time, where it can come to life, and I definitely take full advantage of it!

I hope you enjoy these patriotic outfit ideas. In a time when we seemingly feel more divided than ever about our nation’s past and even our future, I encourage you to find peace and solidarity in the little things, like matching holiday outfits. 🙂

My little patriotic cuties
We sure do love the the 4th of July.

My Favorite All American Girl looks

Maternity Shirt, Swimsuit, Romper, Lips Tee, Shorts, Sweatshirt, Blue Dress, Tie Dye, Patriotic Masks, Sandals, Star Earrings

4th of July Outfits for Kids

Overalls, Tie Dye Dress, Red Gingham Swimsuit, Blue Gingham Suit, Flip Flops, Romper
Captain America Tee, Blue Shorts, Tie Dye Hoodie, Red Shorts, Ombre R,W,B