I love giving gifts, I love receiving gifts and I love buying stuff for other people period. But I know not everyone is this way, so if you’re one of those people (or maybe a husband) that’s totally out of gift ideas, with just a few days to spare, I’ve come to your rescue. First things first, if you can, you should splurge. Mother’s rarely splurge, and she will literally be so awestruck, if you do it on her. So, I’m sharing a few splurges and a few saves. So without further ado, here are my ten Mother’s Day Gift Ideas


A girl’s trip, or a trip with a friend or spouse (or maybe even alone 😱 )

Yes, this is a big expense, but I’m a firm believer that you can’t pour from an empty cup, as both a human or a spouse. If you’re not sure, what’s the best fit for the mom in your life, just ask. Most mother’s aren’t takers, but if offered a weekend away, she will say yes. Are there exceptions? Yes, of course, if her kids are really young. If she’s nursing. If she hasn’t been away from her babies yet, a trip away, might add more stress than relief. But in those situations (unless she’s nursing), she will likely still gladly take a day for herself. Think Spa 👏👏

And the best way to make this ACTUALLY HAPPEN. Make money a non issue. I know personally, I don’t like to take for myself. I would actually need someone else to book the hotel, to buy the flight, etc. to convince me. Another great solution equal to that, would be to buy a pre-paid VISA gift card, for the price of the trip. And say, don’t come back with any money left on this. It will set the mom in your life free to actually treat herself.

Ok, Ok, I know most of you are looking for something affordable, so scroll to the bottom if that’s you.

Girl’s weekends are MAGIC! You can’t pour from an empty cup.


Laser hair removal.

There is not a mom alive, that would be like, “Oh no, I don’t ever want to shave my underarms again.” These are the types of gifts that keep often giving, but we don’t typically splurge on ourselves for. Any local med spa offers this, or there’s often deals online through Living Social or other similar deals sites. I was ABSOLUTELY BLESSED to finally try this at Vogue Lashes and Spa in Virginia Beach, and all I can say is 1000% yes.


An espresso machine or fancy coffee machine.

There are few things better than a coffee machine that can compete with Starbucks, from the comfort of your home. Again, it’s the gift that keeps on giving, and I’ve recommended a few of my favorites below.

Delonghi Automatic Espresso Maker
Nespresso Pod Espresso Machine with Frother
Iced Coffee Maker


Apple’s new AirTags

This is the perfect gift for the mom in your life, that is always on the go, super busy, juggling a million things, or is just plain and simple the type of person to lose their keys. The AirTag allows you to easily find whatever item you tag (purse, keys, luggage, car and more). Want to super splurge, get the Hermès case to put it in.


A splurge pair of shoes.

Everyone has a pair that they’d to have, but don’t want to seem boujee asking for. It could be a $70 splurge, it could be a $300 splurge. Ask them if they have a pair they’ve had their eye on. Here are some of my current favorite splurges listed below.

Steve Madden Skyler Sandals
Steve Madden Chrishelle Sandals
Nike Court Legacy Shoes
Steve Madden Honey Tan
All Birds Runners

Steve Madden Skyler tan sandals
What’s better than a shoe splurge??


A gift basket filled with stuff any girl would love.

Think an adult Easter basket with mom in mind. If someone made me a basket it would be filled with these few things.

Make the perfect basket for mama!


Professional car detailing

Something most moms would never splurge on, but seriously whose going to turn down someone steam cleaning the lost snacks of past from the crevice of their car corners. The answer is NO MOM, no mom will turn this down. Click to find someone near you. This is a great Mother’s Day gift idea.


The Caraway Pans

These high quality non-toxic pans are in my daily arsenal of products and I love them! I have a coupon code for 10% off a set, if you click through this link here, or send me a message if it doesn’t seem to be working. Or you can watch my Youtube review here.

caraway pot


A membership of sorts.

My top 3 favorites are. One year of Audible paid up front. I love having Audible, and I’d love to know someone else invested in me, in that way. (There are similar programs for classic book lovers.)

Monthly necklace subscription

One Year of Apple Music or Apple Fitness +

Monthly Flower Delivery


Splurge Jeans.

I recently got to wear Agolde Jeans, and I’m not gonna lie, they’ve pretty much changed my life. No other jean does what they do. They hug in all the right places. And I would BE SOOOOO HAPPY, for someone to buy me a pair, despite their hefty $180 price tag. Seriously, find out the mom in your life’s size, and just buy them. If she doesn’t love them, send them back, and she can spend the cash elsewhere.

still need a Mother’s Day gift idea? or need a quick delivery option?

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Cozy Robe
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Ember Coffee Mug
New Fossil Handbag

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