I bought a house. If you don’t follow me on Instagram, or social, you may not know but there’s been a lot of changes that occurred behind the scenes in 2020.

I have been crazily looking for a house for all of 2020, and a little miracle fell into my hands. I am in the process of writing a blog post about that, that I will hopefully post soon.

But the point of this post is just to give a really QUICK overview of the current home I just bought, as I’m going to be making (and I’ve already made) TONS of updates, and I want to be able to share the transformation with all of you!!!

So, here’s a quick run down of the rooms, but if you’re a video person, you can real quick watch this walk through that I put on Youtube.

room by room

Here is a quick peak at my studio/office facing the entry hallway.

kitchen and dining room

Here are a few photos of my kitchen and eat in dining area. Make sure to check out my two month update of these spaces, as there’s already been tons of updates!

sunroom (now tv room)

Next up, is a shot of the sunroom on the left, that the previous owners converted into an additional living room space. They used it as a little TV room, and I will be doing the same.

FROG (finished room over the garage)
my kids creative space

In Virginia FROGs are really popular. You rarely find a basement, but you find a lot of FROGS. My kids are getting a little old for a playroom, but I want them to have a cool space to express their interests and grow their giftings, and hopefully this space will be used for just that!

my bedroom

Make sure to check out how much this room has changed on my two week update!

boys room

Last but not least, the boys room. I really wanted to split them up, and put one of my boys in the FROG, but they aren’t quite ready, so for now, they will be sharing this space! Click here to see what it looks like today.

There she is!

I have so many amazing updates, to share with you guys, so please, please, please check back soon!