Why I love Kids’ Spaces

Affordable, inviting, bright and colorful kids’ spaces are my absolute favorite. I love the whimsy of kids’ decor. I feel like it so often captures the best things about being alive. The playfulness that we can so easily lose as we grow older, and start to lean into our more “mature tastes”. I used to say when my kids were babies, that I wanted to work at Land of Nod, which at the time was the name of Crate and Barrel’s kid’s line. Now, so many brands like Target, have easily and affordably started creating products to make beautiful, fun and affordable places for kid’s spaces.

As I was creating the boys bedroom, a part of me was thinking I should be creating a space for older kids (dear I say, even tweens?) My oldest is 9, going on 13 it feels. But as my seven year old picked out Dino sheets at Target, I was like nope, not doing it. This is a kids space, and as long as they love animals, and dinos, and baby Yoda, we are leaning into their boyish charm, and this is what I came up with.

The Boys Bedroom

In the photo at the top, you’ll see I just added the dark grey black out curtains from Ikea. I was afraid they’d be too dark and heavy, but I feel like in the end, they are the perfect masculine touch. It helped to balance out the space and make it feel boyish.

Links to Create Your Own Space

So, much of this room is inspired by Target’s pillowfort line. They have the cutest stuff for both boys and girls bedrooms.
I will add some links below.

Beds only $199 at Walmart and loving them!
Bedding: Comforter and Sheets and Weighted Plush Dinos
Rattan Side Table
Star Lamp
Striped Rug
Shelves (old, but linked similar)
Rattan Basket

The Ikea picture ledges also make perfect book ledges. I’ve used this idea, since my oldest’s first nursery. And it actually does encourage your kids to read more, it’s pretty crazy.

My kids are HUGE animal lovers. I know animals can come off a little babyish, when sports and video games are the name of the game for boys, but like I said, as long as they love it, I’m leaning into it. These animal prints are available on Amazon. The other tiny Ikea picture ledge has a little art that I made on my computer, but I am likely to change that one soon.

Gold Dino and Similar
Ikea Picture Ledges

Or if you’re a video person, check out the video of my boys bedroom on Youtube below. Do you make intricate spaces for your kids? Tell me about it in the comments below.

Check out the black and white creative space for my boys right here! Or my bedroom here!