I’ve never been one of those people that was single minded in what they loved. That probably leads to a rich, but unfocused life. #sorrynotsorry
But I’ve ALWAYS been one of those people, that when I love something, I don’t care if it fits into a box. When it speaks to me, it speaks to me.

My Design Style

I’ve been thinking a lot about my design style, and I keep coming back to the words modern, preppy and bohemian.

I love modern and mid-century style. I love clean lines, and angles, brass and wood mixed together, tiny feet on boxy furniture.

I love preppy things. I can’t help it. I’m a softy for stripes (all types), gingham, neat linens pulled tight. Layers, but not messy layers. Fresh flowers and the mix of old and new. For a moment, you might even think coastal, but it’s not coastal, it’s more like a vibe after a weekend in the Hamptons.

I love a hint of bohemian flare. Tassels where you least expect them, a splash of bright pink, teal, or a bold color you wouldn’t expect, earthy and woven textures in a perfectly curated room. Turkish inspired rugs, or some special item hand made from India, or somewhere in the Middle East.

Also: plants. They just make a place feel alive!

So, without further ado, this is what I like to call my modern, preppy bohemian bedroom. You can click that affiliate link to shop my room via the liketoknow.it.
The wall art is from Hobby Lobby.
I am going to get some additional images of my closet that I took the doors off of, my hat wall, and sitting area soon. If you want a sneak peak now, you can view my video on Instagram.

Bedroom Before and After

And because I love a good before and after. Here’s a before photo of this space. I feel like the pendant globe just tops it off. I shared one from Pottery Barn that’s nearly identical, but I actuallly DIY’d mine from a lamp I found at Home Goods, and then later realized, I could have taken the easy route, and just ordered one from PBTeen.

My Little Reading Nook

So, what’s your design style? I feel like my Studio/Office, has a really similar vibe to my bedroom. You can check it out here on my 6 month home update. Do feel like the vibes of those rooms are similar?
What type of design style do you like? Tell me in the comments below.