If you haven’t been following along, then you can check my first post and see that after some really crazy pandemic years. Last summer I bought a house for my boys and I. It wasn’t exactly a fixer upper, but it needed love. And love it has received. There are still SOOOO many changes I want to make, like redoing the kitchen, adding a bathroom, and adding fun customizations to spaces, but I’m starting where I am, with the money I have, and the skills I have. Which basically just means that I’ve used a lot of paint and decorated as much as my budget allows.

I will share a couple photos of each room below. And if you’re not following me on Instagram, I regularly share how I’m making home tweaks there. I’ve started changing out my mantel for every holiday season, and it’s been such a fun creative outlet.

My Studio/Office Space

I’ve never been a huge desk girl, so this little desk space is perfect. I got the desk at Wayfair for around a $100ish dollars, and my desk chair is from Amazon. You can shop a lot of these spaces directly on my Amazon storefront.

My Boys Bedroom

My Kitchen & Dining Room Space

The kitchen has had zero love. I’m actually dying to give it an update, but these wood cabinets are solid and going to be a lot of work on my own, so I’m really hoping to be able to have it professionally done. You can see here I’m using my Caraway Pots and Pans, which I still have a 10% off coupon code. If you’re in the market, they are both beautiful, nontoxic, and so functional

The Living Room/ TV Room

This was a converted sunroom. So, it has 6 oddly shaped windows. I haven’t given this space much attention, but I just started painting the brown trim white this week. I am actually thinking I want to go with a black, white, natural wood vibe in this space. I did black and white in my boys creative space, which I’ll share next, and I love it. I LOOOOOVE color too, but I feel like when I see neutral spaces in people’s homes, it always just speaks to me, so stay tuned.

The Boys Black and White Creative Space

I blogged about the boys Monochromatic Creative Space here, including where I sourced everything. I have been changing the books every few months to match holidays, and that’s been a super fun activity too.

Our One and Only Bathroom

An additional bathroom was the very first project that I thought I was going to invest in. I figured there’s no way we could exist with just one. About a month later I replaced my roof. And here 6+ months later and we’ve officially grown accustomed to sharing one bathroom. It’s not perfect, and a few times, there were some close calls, but for now, this space is staying on the dream sheet, until we can add on a beautiful master bathroom.

My Bohemian Preppy Bedroom

I shared a detailed blog post about me bedroom, that you can check out right here!

Thanks for following along! It means more than you know. Drop a comment below to say hi, or ask where I got something, I’d love to help or just say hi!