As I started picking out an outfit for an upcoming Galentines Party I’m throwing next month, I started seeing so many cute things, and decided I share my finds with all of you. I’m a sucker for hearts what can I say?

I have six outfits in total that I put together. Three outfits are fairly dressy. Two are totally casual (honestly more my style) and the last one is PJ’s. If you’re gonna be stuck at home for whatever reason, might as well be festive. At least that’s my line of thinking.

I feel like the pandemic has definitely de-elevated dressy in most people’s lives. It used to be that wearing a dress was “dressy” and now wearing a sweater and jeans has become “dressy”. Times be crazy. So, here are a few casual and dressy valentine outfit ideas. Which one are you?

Dressy Outfits – Perfect for a Date Night Out

I absolutely, obsessively love the red dress from Amazon on the left, paired with this J Crew heart headband and white booties, and I’m seriously like where do I sign up to have all this sent to me ASAP. The pink dress on the right is also darling, linked similar, and here too. The black heart tights would honestly looks great with either. You can also shop each complete look via the ShopLTK App – here — Red Dress Outfit and Pink Dress Outfit.

Casual Outfit Ideas – Low Key Date Night or Just For Fun

The white turtleneck with hearts paired with these darling earrings from J.Crew just make me swoon. I would honestly buy them, this instant, but I have a weird thing with turtlenecks where I feel like I’m choking. Anyone else?? The pink heart sweater with jeans on the right is obviously super casual paired down with converse, but would also look adorable with booties or a skirt or leggings. Shop the entire Heart Turtleneck Outfit on LTK, or the Pink Heart Sweater Outfit.

Super Festive or Festive at Home in PJs

Red skirt, heart purse and this bow top are giving me total, Emily in Paris vibes. Perfect for the gal whose super festive and loves to go the extra mile for a holiday party or date night. But I’m not gonna lie, the outfit on the right is probably the most realistic in 2022. When babysitters are hard to come by, and this pandemic just won’t seem to end. This J Crew Factory loungewear, makes dressing down seem slightly more appropriate, topped off with heart slippers.
You can also shop these entire outfits via the ShopLTK App, Red Skirt Outfit or the Loungewear outfit here!

Such a cute round up of casual and dressy Valentines outfit ideas. I also shared a similar Valentines Outfit post last year and tons of the items are still available, if you want to check it out for more inspo. Or if you’re thinking about throwing a Galentines or Valentines Party, check out this post, on why you definitely should throw your own this year or anytime.

So, tell me now in the comments below, are you a dressy outfit lover or a casual girl like me?