Halloween is one of the most fun holidays. Costumes, candy and playing pretend are literally kids favorite things. But when the grown ups join in on them, now you have a party! If you’ve read my blog before you might know that I didn’t grow up celebrating Halloween 😱😱😱.

I know it’s crazy, but it’s true. So, having kids and making new traditions have been so fun. This year I decorated WAYY more for Halloween than in previous years and these are my top 3 Cute Halloween decor ideas. These cute Halloween decor ideas are family friendly, spooky cute, but also could be made a little scary with the right touches.

My top 3 Halloween decor ideas

  1. Hanging witch hats
floating ghost hats halloween decor idea

This year I hung witch hats in multiple rooms, because they just have the coolest vibe, and they are also really easy to hang. I used these clear command hooks. Attached those to the ceiling, using clear fishing line and they have not fallen once. They give a spooky vibe because you can’t really tell how they are hanging, but they also make a big impact.

I have seen other friends of mine, like Kristen Sellentin add battery operated candles to them as well, which is a really cool touch.

2. Decorate with bats

bat and ghost coffee station

Bats are so easy and make a big impact. Last year I got bats on Amazon, whose wings actually folded to have a 3D look, but they were shiny and didn’t stick as great and also had a weird sheen in photos. This year I grabbed paper bats from the dollar section at Target, and they have been amazing. I use painters tape on the back, and there are a few bats all over to keep the festive vibes going from room to room.

3. Use candles.

Halloween decor kids bedroom ideas

Candles are inherently eerie at night. As they flicker and the light jumps around; they also give everything a warm and glowy feel. I have candlesticks on the mantle. A few on the dining table, and battery operated ones in the kids rooms. Candles add the perfect ambiance and are a great halloween decor idea. I just love how this space turned out in my son’s room. I had to go on a great hunt for that little ghost stuffie, but we found him. Linked similar ghost here, and link to room.

These are my favorite, easy go to cute Halloween decor ideas. Tell me below. What are some of yours?