I have a confession to make. I had a room with 0 window treatments for the entire last year. That’s right my sunroom was just open for the whole neighborhood to see. And I kind of loved all that sun streaming in, but over time I started to feel like I needed more privacy. My windows were not a standard size, and I knew that I really wanted blinds with Alexa Integration that would be able to close themselves. So, after months of waiting, I finally picked smart blinds from Select Blinds. I got the premium light filtering cellulars with an option for motorization and solar. I am one month in and so far my smart blinds from select blinds have not even needed to be charged. The solar option is working great and I’m in love.

This space was so lovely, but desperately in need of window treatments.

sunroom before

The Smart Blinds I ordered from Select Blinds

After measuring the space over and over. I had a Select Blinds team member review my order to make sure it included everything, I ordered my set up, which included:

  • Light filtering cellular blinds with remote control motorization
  • The NEO connect smart wifi controller (this makes it work with Alexa, Google, etc., and while it was a little complicated to set up; it’s totally worth it). My Alexa unit actually auto opens and closes them at sunrise and sunset.
  • Solar chargers for each window, so that the blinds don’t need to be charged, (the solar piece plugs into the blinds).
  • Battery charger and remote, just in case I needed it. To ensure I could charge the blinds, if there wasn’t enough sunlight at some part of the year for the solar to work.

The Installation Process

Overall, the installation process was fairly easy. I opened all the packaging and grouped all the appropriate parts by window to make sure I had everything I needed. Two of my windows were cut slightly different, by maybe an 1/8 of an inch. This caused us to have work a little harder to get it installed, but it all came together.

Finally, to make the smart blinds actually “smart”, you have to use the Neo Smart Blinds app and the Neo Connect Controller. Which I purchased from Select Blinds. The Neo app set up was a little complicated as I mentioned above. As you have to set up your blinds in the Neo app and then connect that app to Alexa for integration. But if you can figure it out, it’s so worth it.

neo smart blinds

The Final Product

The end result is great. I love the amount of life that still filters in. You can see the full motorization and Alexa integration on my Instagram Reel (here).

Check out the transformation of this space here and here. Isn’t is crazy how much it’s changed in the last year? And these blinds are the final touch (FOR NOW) 😜

I received these blinds through a gifted partnership with Select Blinds, but all opinions and processes are my own.