I wanted to make something super adorable, yet tasty and fun for a Valentine’s Day treat. I decided on one of my all-time favorite treats, chocolate covered strawberry hearts! This treat will WOW your friends and family and will be a major hit for your Valentine’s Day get together. You can’t go wrong with this twist on a generational favorite. Everyone, from the kids to your next-door neighbor, will love this juicy, chocolatey treat. 

The cutest Valentines treat – chocolate covered strawberry hearts

 By adding my fast and fun twist you can elevate your dipped strawberries into a dreamy Valentine delight! I decided to make my treats with a variety of red and white strawberries. The white variety are often known as “winter frost pineberries,” but any type of juicy strawberry will work!  


Rinse and dry a variety of firm but juicy strawberries. To create your hearts, take a sharp paring knife and remove the stem of each strawberry by making 2 angled cuts to form a triangle notch where the stem used to be. Now, slide one strawberry on each wooden or decorative skewer. Next, melt a container of Dolci Frutta, (you can find this at Target or on Amazon) according to the microwave instructions on the package. Make sure you stir the chocolate frequently while melting.

Now you are ready to complete your chocolate covered strawberry hearts! Take each strawberry and dip the top half of each heart in the the melted chocolate. If you’re feeling creative, try adding some edible glitter or sprinkles, then lay the dipped chocolate covered strawberry hearts on parchment paper until set. Now it’s time to endulge in this sweet, luscious chocolate snack!

What You’ll Need:

Red and/or white fresh strawberries-Juicy but Firm
Dolci Frutta Melting Chocolate Dip – 8oz or your own mix or chocolate chips and coconut oil
Wooden or decorative skewers
Parchment paper
Edible glitter or sprinkles (Optional)

Hope you have a great Valentine’s Day. If you make these, please let me know how your chocolate strawberry heart treats turned out or give me a tag on social! To see a video of me making these chocolate covered strawberry hearts, check right here!