With the release of the new Super Mario Bros. Movie this past year, there was a huge resurgence in all things Mario and Luigi. Instantly, I had the idea for us to do a Mario and Luigi Halloween costume this year.

I personally LOVED the take of Bowser being in love with Princess Peach. It was also fun to see how Princess Peach was a total bada$$. It overall just had really fun vibes.

My youngest got invited to a Halloween party and we were off to find costumes. Personally, I’m not a huge fan of the Polyester costume suits that are ridiculously priced. So, I instantly started shopping Thrift stores, Hobby Lobby and SHEIN to get the pieces I needed and for less money too.

Meet Your Players

I just put together a really cute Reel for Instagram, and thought I’d do a little spin on it for the blog.

So, without further ado, check out our Mario and Luigi Halloween Costumes (and Princess Peach)… featuring yours truly.

We had so much fun putting this together. Our costumes may not be exact replicas, but they have character and I feel like that goes a lot further when putting together a Halloween costume.

How I put together our Super Mario Brother costumes

First, I bought the accessories on Shein. I got my crown, the Luigi hat, the red hat (no M), the gloves and mustaches for a little over $10. Then I went thrifting for the Overalls and green shirt. We had a red one. We grabbed the white M at Hobby Lobby. I almost DIYed it out of felt to make the circle effect, but my son, liked just the letter M better, so I let him pick.

The only thing we are really missing is the brown shoes for them. I even found 2 pairs of overalls in different color blues, (in their size), honestly that was pure thrifting luck. How do you think we did? Tell me below!

You can see some of our previous Halloween costume ideas right here. Happy Costuming!