7 months has been good to you Beckham.
If you read my previous post about nursing my guy, and having to switch to formula, you must know it didn’t end with that blog post. The saga’s continued, as it always does. Even though formula made his face clear up, after the first few initial days, he was just as itchy as ever, with slight diaper rash and a $200 a month formula bill (#organicproblems).
So, I decided to give it another go. I went on a different elimination diet for a week before I started nursing Beckham again, and within 24 hours his face had broken back open. 🙁
So, much to my dismay, but knowing I’ve tried everything multiple times, that is the route we are fully going.
So, having said all that I still feel like Beckham is not 100%. He’s still SOO itchy, and it preoccupies his mind, which I hate, BUT he also had a lot of good stuff happen this month, so let’s talk about that.

-You are finally, finally, (Praise the Lord), pretty much sleep trained. We are weaning you off your last middle of the night feeding, you are down to 2 oz at that time. (Much easier to measure when you’re not bf-ing, though I did wean via minutes with Keaton, it can be done). You do usually wake once before that, but put yourself back to sleep, and you don’t wake again until between 6-8 a.m. It’s not perfect, but you are getting it (and you can’t pull up in your crib yet), so the timing was still good.

-You on your own have started sleeping on your back at night, this  has really helped with the agitation on your cheeks.  YOU ARE AN INSANE DROOLER, EVEN WHILE SLEEPING. I’m talking drool widths on your sheets like 5 inches wide. You still nap on your belly, and your skin will be agitated when you wake up, I think because you are laying in all that acidic drool. So, this has been a nice change.
– You started sitting up for long stretches of time, several minutes (5+)  without wobbling or toppling over. If I put the boppy around you, you sit until you decide you want to tip over. This has been a lot of fun cause you are at a much better vantage point to watch or play, without having to be in the bumbo, etc.
-You baby jabber mamamamama, daddadadadada, all day long. But in my opinion you have obviously said the words, mama, dada, kitty, and baba (bottle) when looking directly at something. In one case I said, “say dada”, and you said it! You, like your brother are SUPER intrigued by the cats, and immediately start trying to talk about them when they come by you.

-You have just barely recently shown an interest in crawling, moving, scooching. Because when I set you on your stomach, the first thing you do is start to rub your arm along the carpet, to get a good scratch. So, anything beyong that, pretty much doesn’t happen. But I recently said, “come to mama” and you started laughing and bopping your head toward me, then you were considering how to move and when you tried to push you went backwards. I guess I need to give you motivation a little more often, but I also know when you start to crawl, you’ll be eating the cat food and into everything else like you brother in no time, so take your sweet time. 10 months is fine!  😀

-You are starting to independent play for longer you will finally go in your exersaucer or jumper happily, (that’s the key) for about 15 minutes.

-Your preferred mode of travel is still in the Bjorn facing front. Being held works fine for you too!
-I know this will come as a shock to many, but you don’t really eat food. A little after 6 months, you were eating a couple times a day, but with everything that’s gone on with you, I’ve tried to kind of have you find a place of equilibrium to see how your body responds to stuff. For some reason this never seems to be achieved, so you have something every few days, but (baby Keaton) would scoff at your eating habbits. He literally had eaten a rib at this point. 🙂

-Your personality is not one I’ve yet to figure out. You are 50% total chill. I mean TOTAL CHILL. Sit back and watch. And 50% blabbermouth, shrieker, loud noise maker. So, I’m not sure if you just have a long warm up period, or a portion of the day you watch, and then the rest you play. It will be so interesting to see how you continue to develop as you get older. 

– You are not easy to get a laugh out of and you are not ticklish, but put your brother in front of your face and you two are giggling up a storm in no time.
-And while you endure at least 1 hit a day (sorry bud), K loves you SOOO much. He tells you all day long, “You’re a good boy Beckham” or “Come on Beckham””Beckham wants to do this… or B wants to do that.” With lots of kissing and hugging too, it’s too precious I need more photos to prove it’s true.
That’s you at 7 months in 500 words or less. (Actually I have no idea my word count), but that pretty much sums you up. I can’t wait to see how you continue to grow. You’re my big boy, but you will always be my baby.

 I wouldn’t call him “serious” but he is hard to get a smile out of…. STINKER. Sorry these are unedited, that’s just where we’re at these days. 🙂 And he’s wearing pants cause he’s so itchy, he couldn’t stop scratching. 🙁 Don’t even ask about his arm, a story for another day.

 My Becks