For the last several years, my closest girlfriends and I have gotten together for a Valentines or Galentines Party. I’ve shared a little about some of our past Valentines Party days here on my blog and I’m just saying, you need to do this! Now, I know what you may be thinking, I don’t have a close friend group, or that sounds expensive, or I just moved here, or I don’t have a babysitter, the list could go on. But in the previous post I linked too, I share how everyone contributes, and it doesn’t have to be complicated. If you want a party to go to, and you’re not getting invited, be the host.

If you feel like you wish you had a party to go too, so does someone else. So, go to your local mom’s group on Facebook, and say, “anyone up for a Valentines party?” There will be willing mamas, I promise. If you feel like your house is too small, meet up at a restaurant.

There is something sooooo special, about prioritizing your female friends. We all left this day refreshed, with our love tanks filled up; high on divine feminine energy. I am a homebody, and easily fall into the trap of just staying with my family, kids or partner, etc. But I’m telling you, you will be so happy if you actually pull this together.

Five Fantastic Valentines Party Ideas

Here are some of my favorite ideas for throwing ANYYYYY party. And I’ve thrown A LOT of parties. You can check out my Bub’s last taco party here. These little touches pull together any event, but are especially perfect for a Valentines Party. When it comes to parties, you can typically spend more money and do it the easy way, or spend less and do it yourself, but whether you have more time or more money, parties create such special memories to hold onto for the people you love.

1. Create a Fun Valentines Party BackDrop for Photos

This backdrop was so easy to do thanks to a little help from my staple stores Amazon and Target. The vertical heart banner is from Amazon, I literally ordered it like 3 days before, and thankfully shipping was not delayed. This is totally something you could make yourself, but I was happy to pay $10 and call it a day. The love balloon set is a Target find. They had it last year and this year, but there are similar options on Amazon as well. Depending on your budget, there are so many cute ideas you can do. The wall of XOXO balloons. A wall of mylar heart balloons. I do think Target has higher quality balloons, so make sure to check the reviews, if you purchase from Amazon.

2. Take Group Photos

Group photos are where it’s at. To be honest, we needed to take way more group photos at our last party, but people were arriving in a staggered fashion, and it was raining outside, so we kind of missed the boat. Plan some shots you want to take ahead of time, whether it’s blowing kisses at the camera, wearing heart glasses, throwing confetti at the camera, and more. These always turn out so cute, and who doesn’t love a photo with all their friends! Put out a few props to get people in the mood.

3. Make a Valentines Themed Charcuterie Board

I’m a total foodie. If you’re an OG follower or know me in real life, then you know I love to cook, bake, have savory food, sweet food, breakfast food, Mexican food, basically all food, and of course a delicious medium rare steak.😆

I am constantly sharing fun food videos on Instagram. The charcuterie trend is amazing because it’s carefree and fun. It’s literally the 2020 version of potluck, and I’m so happy it exists. There’s a lot to be said for presentation, like cutting the strawberries or cheese into hearts. It doesn’t take a TON of extra work, but it has a big impact. Trader Joes and Target are my go to’s for holiday treats and goodies, but next holiday try it out, because eating cute food is fun!

4. Create a Layered Tablescape

Tablescapes are such statement pieces. Investing in beautiful cups, plates, or that gold flatware you’ve had your eyes on can be so worthwhile if you enjoy having people over. I didn’t have any dishes or pieces in pink or colors that I thought would really make a big impact, and I didn’t have the budget to invest in something new for our Valentines party, so I went with paper partyware.

Paper goods can still look really great when you layer. Layering and adding flowers are the keys to classing up a table scape that’s made with paper goods. Beautiful flowers can fix almost anything, and we were lucky enough to have From You Flowers send us over some bouquets for our Valentines party. The bouquets were filled roses, spray roses, eucalyptus, fern and more. They were literally some of the prettiest bouquets I’d ever seen.

5. Buy or Make Flower Bouquets for all the Guests

Clearly, I love flowers. I love going to Trader Joes and picking just a small bouquet, and bringing it home. You don’t have to have to have lavish bouquets like we have here to make a big impact. All you need is a mason jar, some cute ribbon or yarn, I love the luxe chunky yarn from Michaels, and a few flowers to pull together amazing little take home bouquets for all your guests. Even just a couple of roses tied together like pictured below can make such a sweet statement.

What’s your favorite Valentines Party idea from this list? Mine is definitely the photo backdrop or take home bouquet. Tell me in the comments below!