I love parties and we just had a great one!
We had Keaton’s second birthday, which he LOVED! And it was a lot of fun. I know they say don’t plan big parties for 2 year olds cause they get overwhelmed and don’t remember them. But the joy on his little face was priceless. Having him talk about his upcoming birthday and then reminisce after it was over, was just great! He loved it, and I did too.

Curious Keaton Turns Two

We did a Curious George theme. Curious Keaton Turns Two. I found such great inspiration on Pinterest. If you search Pinterest, I’m sure you’ll find the same party inspo I did and hopefully you’ll find my party too. 


Side note* our frozen banana pops were a Pinterest fail. They get mushy, if not immediately eaten. 🙁



 If you have never made this, it’s SOOO good. Coconut oil, sugar, popcorn. Just do it!














Keaton finally figured out what “presents” were and boy was he in love!

 All of our *dairy free, egg free* baked goods due to my son’s allergies were made by me and my mother-in-law!
There were tons more pics of things we didn’t capture, but I am one of those moms enjoying the party and forgetting to take photos ( I know that’s not a bad thing)!

Throw Your Own Party

I am sharing some of the links for our Curious George Party in case that’s helpful to you. Everything was purchased at Party City, Hobby Lobby, Dollar Store, or Amazon. If you have specific questions please ask.

Curious George Books
Man in the Yellow Hat Ring Toss (hats) and (rings) add black electrical
George Cake Topper
George Pinata
George Party Ware
Yarn Numbers
Plush George
George Foil Balloon
Crepe Streamer Backdrop
Banana Saltwater Taffy
Yellow and White Striped Popcorn Container
Banana Runts Candy
Red Wrapping Paper with White Polka Dots

If you’re looking for some other fun party ideas check out, Keaton’s first birthday party “Not a Box” Cardboard Box Party, Minecraft or our most recent Taco Bout a Party . Thanks for stopping by!