I had made my blog private for awhile, because I wasn’t really using it anymore and there’s a lot of personal content about my kids, etc. But several people have contacted me on Pinterest asking to see better photos of things I’ve posted about parties I’ve thrown, so I finally made it public again. And since I was making it public, why not post the oh so adorable pictures of my son’s Minecraft birthday from last fall too.

I got so much inspiration from online, if you check my Pinterest inspiration board, you can find my planning board, and I shared some links for what to buy down below as well!

If you’re not a boy mom, you probably won’t get this party at all. The me from 5 years ago would be clueless, but it was a ton of fun.

Happy 5th birthday little one!

Spiders were a must. Crepe paper and balloons made these easy to make

Mojang Steve Head – This got played with everyday for like 2 months post party

Minecraft Diamond Sword – this was a treasured party decoration at the end. I bought a pack of foam ones. These blow up ones would also make a great party favor.

Minecraft TNT

DIY – TNT with twizzlers were adorable

Minecraft Gold

Redstone, Diamonds and Gold

Creeper Cupcakes

Creeper Cupcakes – Printable Toppers attached below.

Creeper Party Bags

DIY’d Goodie bags included the Minecraft glasses my kids are wearing below. Pretty cute, not too expensive, and more useful than some goodie toys.

Pin the Tail on the Ocelot

 Pin the Tail on the Ocelot was my own creation. I actually freehanded this project, and to my own shock and dismay, it turned out ok!

If you’re coming from Pinterest, please take any idea you like. I definitely wasn’t the first to have most of these ideas! Just sharing the love!

We also had Minecraft coloring sheets, the animal paper animals you put together from Amazon, so cute, and of course iPads for the kids to play Minecraft in real life!

That face says it all. All in all a Good Minecraft Day!

Check out where to grab supplies for your own Minecraft Themed Birthday Party

Minecraft Tees Boys and Men’s Tee

Minecraft Glasses

Creeper Cupcake Toppers

Don’t Stop Now….Keep Looking

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