I just made a quintessential summer time snack: Root Beer Float Popsicles. 🍺🧨 
These root beer float popsicles are actually a rootbeer float without the mess. So, basically they are brilliant.

And to top it off… there are only TWO INGREDIENTS.
I actually made these root beer float popsicles low carb 👀. By using low carb ice cream, sugar free root beer and sugar free white chocolate. These can obviously be made with traditional vanilla ice cream and root beer too. But I’m always trying to watch my sugar intake, so these are easy swaps to make if you are too.

Two Ingredient Popsicles

Time to Freeze

If You Like to Get Fancy then Decorate Them

Root Beer Float Popsicle Ingredients

Items needed: You can see some of the items I used, linked right here.
•Popsicle molds
•1 can zevia root beer or traditional root beer
•1 cup low carb or sugar free ice cream

 If decorating
 •Lily’s white chocolate melts
 •Red, White and Blue Sprinkles (these were traditional sprinkles)

RootBeer Float Popsicles Recipe

 •Blend the root beer and ice cream together.
I hand blended because I wasn’t sure how much it would foam, but after doing it, a regular blender would have been fine too.
 •Freeze for a few hours or til frozen.

 •Decorate and eat. These could easily be made NOT low carb with traditional root beer and ice cream.

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If you make these, comment below and let me know!