I absolutely love decorating for birthdays. I love celebrating birthdays at home, because to me birthdays are personal, and I love making those memories in my home. You can check out some other parties I’ve thrown right here. When throwing a birthday party; I want to make a big impact, and I want to do it affordably too.

This easy balloon decoration idea can be done at home and makes a big wow.

Supplies for Your Balloon Decoration

You will need:
•Packing Tape
Hanging your balloons upside down chandelier style is amazing, because you don’t need helium, and gravity, just does it’s best work.

To make this easy balloon decoration at home. You will tie string to the balloons, and hang the balloons at varying levels. I just used one piece of packing tape on each string and it stayed up for 2+ days. In that time frame, only one balloon fell down, which makes this a great pick for an easy balloon decoration at home. There’s much less work than a balloon arch, and if you do it in a concentrated area, it still has the same impact. This can be done with Mylar balloons hung upside down too, and would look great with lots of colors.

You can check out a video tutorial of me installing this easy balloon decoration at home, right here on Pinterest.

Supplies for Your Party Table

You Need:
•Wrapping paper or Kraft Paper
•A different wrapping paper or a table runner for layering
•Party plates, etc.
• Cakes (easy way to make a big impact towards your theme)

For the table set up wrapping paper has been my go to for years. Especially if the party will be outside. This is such a better solution than tablecloths, especially for kids parties, where all the mess can easily be thrown in the trash when you’re done. 

Wrapping paper usually fits the width of the table, and if it doesn’t fit you can layer it with a Kraft paper. Wrapping paper stays put, it doesn’t get holes like cheap tablecloths, and if can bring in more of your theme in the case of this Minecraft wrapping paper seen above.

Layers are Key

Next, add layers, and make it fun. I only had green tissue paper on hand, so that’s what I used. But Target often has paper table runners like this one that look great too.

This party was for my 9 year old who wanted a Minecraft themed party, but this easy balloon decoration at home idea would work for any party theme, and would honestly look great with more colors too.

Minecraft birthday theme

To shop this EXACT Minecraft party table, you can check the details right here. Or check out this previous Minecraft Party and Pokemon Party I threw for more fun ideas. Thanks for stopping by. Tag me on socials, if you give this a try!