So, I know blogging is relatively new to a lot of folks, but being a product of the late 20th century like I am. I have been online just about as long as I can remember or at least as long as it’s been important to be in minute-to minute contact with your friends AKA Jr. High/Middle School (I believe it was 1995 to be exact). 🙂  I had dial-up AOL and quickly after that I had an obession with IM Chat. I would stay up til like 1 or 2 in the morning chatting with friends that I would see the next day. Along with my internet habit also came a membership to ICQ, Diaryland, Xanga and of course are more recent counter-parts Myspace and Facebook. I blogged all through high school as “unknowngirl” on Diaryland and I’m sure you could look me up and still see 100’s of posts, if Diaryland still exists. 😛 In fact, I know I belonged to some other “blogging” sites back then, I just can’t remember the names. And we are talking PRE pictures, and when Xanga finally let you put pictures, you had to pay to put them up. My how far we’ve come…

But the main point is that I am not a consistent blogger. In fact the times when I blogged the most have been times in my life when I had loads to un-load. And I’ve always been that way when I feel sad or like noone can hear me, I want to write. But when times are good I find myself thinking, what would I blog about? I lack inspiration unless I’m sad and then words pour out of  me. How sad is that?  And yes, my life is interesting to me, but I don’t know if anyone else will find the children I nanny for quite so entertaining . ( I mean c’mon there not even my own, it kind of kills a story.) But everybody I know has been blogging lately and last week I actually posted a blog on MySpace…. So, I thought I would just jump on the band wagon one more time and join Blogger. I mean it’s not like one more membership will really change the fact that I have already have like 20. So, if I don’t blog often, I warned you.
But the really dirty thing in all this is that I read several other blogs daily or at least once or twice a week. And if they fail to blog for awhile, I get impatient. I think to myself, “why aren’t they blogging? Don’t they know I want to read their blog?” Which is horrible I know,  I’m a bit of a hypocrite.  What can I say? But you never know maybe, (occasionally) I will find some way to blog about my life in San Diego and my crazy husband and it won’t even require me to be sad.  
Ok so that’s that. Now, I’ve posted and I can be a hypocrite for awhile.