– Your first little tooth broke through (I think the day you turned 5 months actually) 🙂 And then your 2nd one a week later

-You started sleeping terrible, most likely due to the previous item. But then mommy followed the Sleep Easy Solution and things are better than ever!

– I gave up dairy, eggs, and peanut butter. And your rashy self cleared up beautifully. You finally look as smooth as a baby’s bottom. Jake and I both have some milk protein allergy’s in our family history, and apparently you inherited this, sorry buddy. **Post note, now I have given up wheat too, and your back to rashy. Seeing the allergist next week. 🙁

-You are a chatty little guy, people always comment on how you just “talk and talk”. It’s cute.

– You are obsessed with the iphone. You hold it like a pro. I can only imagine the future of technology with this generation of kiddos growing up.

-You have rolled back to front on occasion, but not very often. The other day dad said, he’s never going to learn it, and as if on command 5 seconds later you rolled back to front right in front of him. (Showed him, ha)! Even though you don’t get all the way over, you’ve mastered this rolling back and forth thing without turning all the way over to scoot around, it’s kind of funny.

-You are just like daddy, a fat kid at heart. You try to eat any and all food you can get your hands on. Mom pretty much only lets you get your hands on banana, avocado and sweet potatoes. But you’ve tried to eat chips, a lemon, dad’s burrito and endless amounts of paper when I wasn’t looking. You eat sweet potato fries by yourself and you look like such a big boy. Slow down little man

-You are still such a mama’s boy. Dad will have you and when I get home, you literally do a dance and jig. Those are the moments that make it all worth it!!

Keaton was mean mugging so hard for all these pics, this was literally the only smile out of like 30 pics.

I won’t smile for the camera mom.

Zoom in, to see my tooth!

That is until dad started playing with you of course…Stinker!

And just for fun, check out another baby who I really look like. Yep, it’s my mom.