Keaton turned 3!! I know none of these pictures are really that good. The iPhone is just not the same as the Canon. But sometimes as a busy mom of 2, you just go with what’s easy.  I’m sure no one knows what I’m talking about concerning that. 😉
This was the night before Keaton turned 3. He’s standing next to his potty training chart, because once he filled it up, he got a toy buffalo. In case you missed that comment on Beckham’s birthday party post; for whatever reason the North American buffalo is my son’s favorite animal. He loves animals in general, but this one takes the cake. And even though he already has one toy buffalo, he needed the girl version. So, he’s showing her off for the world to see.

My best friend Brittany came into town over Keaton’s birthday (she is literally the best). So here my boys are at Toys R Us on the little toy car because she took Keaton to pick out a toy (spoiled!) They don’t usually look that similar, but I see it here.

We have been on a major Cars kick since we watched it for the first time this past year, so we had a little at home Cars party with a few friends, and I made him a “Cars” cake. Keaton requested red since that’s his favorite color, but since I couldn’t bare the thought of that much red dye #40 being ingested, I put red M&M’s on it, and he called it good!

The hardest picture of our lives to try and take.  Our 3 squirmy boys. 🙂

Happy Birthday my first “baby” boy. I love you!