I’m sorry I haven’t blogged. It’s just that nothing too exciting is happening in my life and I don’t think alot of people want to hear about the books I’m reading. Which is the main thing I’ve been doing. However, a few things have happened so I’m sucking it up to talk about em’. First off, my little precious child, aka Charlie is sick. 🙁

He was acting really lethargic and anyone that knows my kitties know they never act lethargic, they act like mischievous toddlers. So, we debated for like 5 days whether to go to the vet and we finally did and he of course had a raging fever and really weird blood panel results, so he’s on a boatload of medicine, while they try to figure out what’s wrong with him. He’s not following any normal symptomatic problems, so they aren’t exactly sure what’s up. Luckily, the tests they took came back and knocked off some of the more serious things that could be wrong, but for now my little guy is still sick.

However, he’s so sweet about taking his meds. Back in February when we first got the cats and Emily was sick, she would spit, bite and vomit to get that medicine out of her mouth, but luckily my sweet natured boy Charlie just takes the abuse….
I mean in his mind it’s abuse, I’m obviously saving his life, but it’s hard to explain that to a cat.

Anyway, in other blogging news I technically got offered another subbing opportunity. Which is good because the more outlets I have to sub, the greater the chance that I’ll sub everyday. But it’s still not what I want, which is obviously a classroom. The chances of that are not dead, but I’m just making plans in case it doesn’t happen. So, I think that’s all. In other news I made Grandma Iny’s Cake AGAIN because it was SO good and Jake asked for it again. I’ve also been going to yoga everyday and reading lots of books. But like I said I won’t bore you with those. Anyway, talk soon!