So, my mother asked me in my last post cupcake post, “with all the food you bake how do you stay so skinny?” Now, lest you think I am quickly becoming a fatty (which maybe I am), I actually do do something to combat all the cupcakes I eat. Yoga.
I don’t know if I’ve ever actually mentioned this before, but I actually go like 3-5 times a week. Which is really something because for my entire life I have notoriously sucked at working out. I’ve tried off and on, but it stems from the fact that I’m fairly uncoordinated. My mom has a favorite story about how when I was 2 yrs old at the mommy and me gymnastics class I wouldn’t jump off the box cause I was scared. Which would have been nothing except that my mom had been an elite gymnast and I think she actually coached the class. The fact that she had an uncoordinated wuss for a daughter was appalling to her. Now, I’m not saying I do not enjoy athletic things, I do, but usually I try to do solo type sports because people can get pretty mad when you’re on their team and you’re not good.
Suffice to say after doing yoga for like 8 months I’ve actually gotten pretty good at it. I’m no Rebecca (my amazingly in shape and coordinated sister-in-law who does triathlons AND yoga). However, below I’ve posted a few moves that I can do. These types of poses are a small part of the type of vinasa yoga I do through CorePower, but they are a fun part! Just today I actually mastered going from crow’s pose to a headstand and then back to crow’s pose without tipping over! I guess I’ve moved on from being scared of the box.

crow’s pose

side crow’s pose

tripod headstand

So, mom that is how…. That and the fact that I send 80% of the cupcakes to work with Jake so I won’t eat them all. Cause those orange dreamsicle ones were so good, I would have just kept on eating!