Upstairs media room has all our “old” furniture. By old I mean pretty much every piece of furniture from our apartment fits in here… pathetic, I know.

This room could possibly give the appearance of being done (possibly)

Until you see it from the other view… Yes, it’s been like that for 2 months. 🙁
But we are getting a new TV and apparently a tv stand that will fit in that little cubby, soon enough. Til then we’re working with this.

This is the guest bath. This bathroom was gold, so obviously we’ve worked alot on it so far, with our turquoise, brown and white theme. Picture doesn’t do it justice…

But then there’s this huge gaping white wall, I’m not sure what I want to put there. I’m thinking an ocean pic.

And last but not least our pathetic blank long upstairs hall…. I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE something like this from one of my favorite blogs All Things Thrifty, but seeing how I have no children something like that will have to wait a few years.

In some ways I love that I have a blank canvas and in other ways I feel completely overwhelmed and inundated by ideas and things I want to make happen. I have like a million blog ideas saved. But for now we take it one project at a time… Like the one I will reveal soon that we’ve started on…
For Now! Au revoir