You thought this segment had died out, but alas you’re wrong. I just have to have something to feature. And now I do, because Jake woke me up at the crack of dawn last Saturday (7:30 is the crack of dawn to me people). I have no kids remember? And for now I cherish this. Back to the point, he woke me up to do some spring landscaping. We finally finished all our beds, planted a few more trees, put in some lighting and moved all the rocks around. It looks pretty good if I do say so myself.

Our very first house photo, the day we arrived last year. There is a dandelion garden going on by the steps.

This is our front bed, before we started adding a few plants a few months back

In March after the worst of the frost, we added boxwoods to cover the foundation and azaleas in front of that (which are very hardy here) and already had a beautiful spring bloom. This was as far as we got in the front yard in March.

And here’s the bed after all our hard work.

You can see we planted two trees to help frame out the door.

Here is a house shot, a lot of change for one year. The coloring is beautiful
Jake has been working hard on the grass, almost too hard in my opinion. 🙂

Jake took this shot of our planted annuals because he loves our camera. It does take some really nice pics.

So, there you have it. Waking up early on Saturday, can apparently be very rewarding.

We have done a WHOLE lot to the backyard as well. I will save that for my next Feature Friday, to be posted on another Friday very soon.
We are going to North Carolina for Memorial Day to Jake’s brother and my cousin’s new house, apparently they have been doing some yard work of their own. Gotta love summer!